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If you are here, you probably have a problem with your system.  We do not offer free technical support for the Interjet 1 (100, 120, 140, 200).  If your Interjet is broken, we probably can fix it -- give us a call.  If you are planning to upgrade to a full-time internet connection through either DSL or any other dedicated connection, take a look at the page "Full-Time Connection" .  There, you will fill tips on planning your upgrade and switching over.  

If you are interested or have decided to utilize our unit swap program (for little or no down-time), you should examine the page "Swap Instructions" for the swap-over procedure.  You will find a step-by-step procedure to transfer configuration & data from your old unit to the unit we send you with little or no down-time and no data loss.

Since IBM (Whistle) has abandoning support for the Interjet I (and possibly the II), we will post answers to many technical support issues here.

  • Where can I get a manual for my Interjet?
    • Since there is a big fat copyright statement in the beginning of the manual and the associated pdf, I don't think we can copy it and post it on this site.  Instead, as long as IBM keeps the Interjet FTP site up, you can download it, in Acrobat format, from there: AGver3.pdf  (or directly at
  • My ISP has changed and now my Interjet does not work. Or I have changed ISP's, or just plain old "my Interjet no longer works."
    • If you have changed ISP's for whatever reason or are switching from Modem or Dial-up to DSL or Cable Modem, give us a call and we can walk you through the switch-over.  There are several factors that must be considered before switching over; from gathering all the IP information from your new ISP to planning the DNS settings.  Ideally, a switch-over can be done with no email loss and only a few minutes of internet connectivity down-time.  On average, we can have you switched over within 1/2 hour, although, there have been cases that have taken 2 or more hours.  Most of the longer cases have been due to the fact that we have to deal with DSL providers that have technical support personnel with heads up their.... (sorry, but this is true).  Anyway...  Give us a call.  We'll ask a few questions to place your situation in perspective and then offer a price estimate to complete your goal.
  • Help!  I cannot get VPN Key to work!
    • We have seen some cases where people with an Interjet I have the proper Key to enable the VPN on their system but when they type in the KEY, the Interjet returns with an error similar to:  "That key is no longer valid.  It was for a feature that was cancelled"
      We are not exactly sure what is happening here, but we suspect that IBM secretly removed the ability for people to activate the VPN on the Interjet I.  They must have disabled this feature in one of their O.S. patches.  We will perform some testing to see if we can nail down exactly what version removed this feature.  We did not notice this earlier because this change in the operating system does not effect previously activated VPNs -- if you've got it, then you still have it. 

      What we are suggesting that admins do if they want to enable the VPN now is to down-grade the operating system to an earlier version, something before 3.2.1p14 (most current version as of this writing is 3.2.1p16), reboot into that lower os version and then try to install the VPN.  Once you find the OS version that works, then reinstall version 3.2.1p16 (or the latest version) and reboot.  Your VPN will now be functioning with that latest version.

      **PLEASE** anyone finds the exact version where this feature was removed, please send an email to and we will post it here for others to see.

    • Should I upgrade my Interjet to the latest system version?
      • YES!  and NO!  As you can read in the previous post, IBM/Whistle is doing things behind the scenes that they are not telling us about.  For the most part, os version 3.2.1p16 appears to be "safe".  IBM did remove the VPN feature for new users in version 3.2.1p14 (and possibly earlier), without telling us.  Unfortunately, it is probably not safe to run OS versions earlier that 3.2.1p16 for security reasons.  Although they do not tell us what changes are made from version to version, the 3.2.1p16 upgrade appeared right around the time when a security bug was announced in the DNS (domain name server) software which runs on the Interjet.  We assume that the 3.2.1p16 upgrade fixed this bug.  If you are running a version lower than 3.2.1p16, you may be vulnerable to this hack. 

        There is a newer version than 3.2.1p16 of the operating system, should I upgrade? (as of this writing, there is not, but when there is...)  BE CAREFUL!  It pays to do research and find out why they have released a newer version.  We hate to sound like it's us versus them, or that they may be "evil", but we also understand that many people rely on their Interjets to keep their businesses connected to the net and that any down-time can be disastrous!  Since IBM appears to be totally abandoning the Interjet line of products, charging for tech support, and removing help info from their web page, you should be careful and think about their motivations for new OS releases.  Rest assured that, whatever information we uncover relating to this issue, we will post right here.
    • "Sometimes my Interjet sends out duplicate messages when users send emails to the 'all' account."
      • Thanks to Phil L. for finding the solution to this one.  Phil said that his Interjet would sometimes send duplicate messages to everyone in the office when someone posted to the "all" account.  He noted that this problem usually cropped-up when an/any user neared or reached their disk quota on the Interjet.  This problem is solved by clicking on the "Mail" agent, then clicking on the "mailing lists" button at the left.  Next, select the "all" account and press the "Edit" button.  A list of all the users will appear.  Those that are on the "all" list will have check marks next to their names.  At this point, you may want to print out this list.  After making note of who is on the list, remove the check-marks for all entries.  Then return to the Interjet home page and select the "Personnel" agent.  For each user you want to receive messages sent to "all", you will need to edit each users entry and place a check in the "add to 'all' mailing list" box.  Press the "OK" button and continue adding until you are done.  This should solve your problem.  Once again, thank you Phil.
    • "The Interjet will not let me make some changes to configuration settings."
      • If you find that your Interjet allows you to make changes to some settings but not others, it probably has been locked by the "authorities" (grin -- either your ISP, Installer, Previous Admin, etc.).  Either way, the solution is easy.  In your browser, enter the following URL:  http://interjet/agent/admin/benchconfig/send-ij-edit.cgi (or if your are in your office, just click on that link).  Assuming that your Interjet is called "interjet" on your network, this link will take you to a configuration page that will allow you to setup and make changes to your Interjet's settings.  At the top of the page is a check-box relating to the "Lockdown status" of your box.  Uncheck this box and press the "OK" button at the bottom of the page.  Your Interjet is now unlocked.


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