InterJet Support Area
(Please excuse the mess while we renovate this area)


We are the worldwide experts on the Whistle / IBM Interjet !

We have actively provided thousands with support for their Interjet and networks since the mid 1990's.  Our technicians can fix your broken Interjet, bring your network back on line and suggest and implement complete network solutions.

With regard to your Interjet, we...

  • Enable your peripheral network so you can connect to the net via DSL, Cable or T-1
  • Replace or upgrade your hard drive to 6 gig of storage
  • Increase your ram to 32 meg, greatly increasing your Interjet's responsiveness
  • Replace your battery.  ***IMPORTANT*** Click HERE for info.
  • We can change the root password of your Interjet so you can access it via telnet, ftp, etc.
  • Fix your Interjet that won't boot, or keeps crashing

If you are having strange problems like...

  • Really slow performance
  • Duplicate emails
  • Out of disk space
  • Being placed on the RBL (Realtime Blackhole List)
  • Hacked or Spammed

...then your Interjet is probably mis-configured or not installed properly on your network.  We offer full analysis, diagnosis and solutions to get your system properly configured and running smoothly.

We understand that downtime is probably not an option.  We offer:

  • Same-day upgrades:  Overnight the unit to us.  We'll upgrade it and send it out the same day we get it!
  • Trade-Up:  We'll send you out an upgraded system and trade it for yours.
  • The Loaner: We'll send out a system for you to use while we upgrade yours.  Once upgraded, we'll ship your original unit back to you.  After receiving it, send back ours to us. = No appreciable down-time !!!

Lost Your ISP?  Lost your DSL?  Switched ISP's?

  • If your internet connection has changed either by your choice or your ISPs, we can help.  If you are switching connection method (modem or ISDN to DSL, Cable Modem or T-1) we can hold your hand through the process. Or... if your ISP has changed things on you and your "internet is down," we can help you find the problem and fix it.  Call us at 1-888-311-3305.

Network Problems? Can't get mail? Can't Connect to Internet? Can't see your website? Need Help designing a new network scheme?

  • We are experts on all sorts of networking issues.  We have helped THOUSANDS of clients solve their network problems.  Even if all seems hopeless, give us a call and we can probably straighten things out in no time!


Tel: 1-888-311-3305  / Fax: 1-925-939-8966   email:
Mailing address:  2116 N Main St Ste G, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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